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PLEASE NOTE that the next Management Meeting will take place at Pontarddulais Cricket Club on Thursday AUGUST 24th at 7:15pm. (Not on the usual last Thursday in the month). All Clubs are urged to make every effort to send a representative to this meeting. 






Unfortunate the number of games that were conceded last season has had an impact on  the League Tables. There was also a case where both opposing teams have had 30 points deducted for playing ineligible players in a league match played on a Sunday. It has been a sad feature throughout the sport, where commitment by players is not as important as it should be. Our Association is vulnerable to the knock on affect this has to quite a few of our member teams. Even long-standing Clubs in the area are finding it difficult to field three sides on a Saturday. It is often not the fault of the genuine Third XI players, as they are required to fill gaps in the Second or even First XI teams. We hope the situation will improve as we go further into the season, when there should be less distractions from extended football/rugby seasons etc.

Clubs are reminded that some of the fixtures in the League handbook are not correct as they have had to be amended after the handbook was printed. The fixtures on and generated through this website are correct. If in doubt, please contact our Fixture Scretary, Peter Barker.    

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